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Morelia Aqueduct

Conformed by 253 arcos, this amazing building begins close of Jardín Villalongín, and is one of the oldest and beautiful aqueducts of Mexico, since XVlll century represents Morelia. Also in 1991 was declared as Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Morelia Cathedral

Being the most representative building of Morelia city, is located between Plaza de Armas and Plaza Melchor Ocampo, and shows its majesty in pink stone during the day, and at night telling the story of Morelia with a light show. You can not stop visiting.

Plaza Valladolid

Best known as San Francisco, is the oldest town square and Valladolid, the antique Morelia was built from this church. Here, indigenous taking classes, learning to read and write.

Mercado de dulces

It was founded on September 14, 1968, Morelia market like any other, but recently has become a more attractive capital of Michoacán for its extensive selection of sweets and regional crafts.

Government Palce

This magnificent building located on Avenida Madero Poniente, corner of Benito Juarez and Melchor Ocampo was built on orders of King Charles II of Spain in 1760 to house the Tridentine seminary, which was opened in 1770 by the bishop of Michoacán Pedro Sánchez de Tagle .

Candy Museum

It contains more than 300 varieties of traditional sweets, involved in a typical environment of the porphyrin moreliano time. Among the sweets that are available are: ates, foil, jellies, morelianas, caramel, coconut candies they roll guava jamoncillos milk, among other delights morelianas.

Hotel Campestre Torreblanca / Av. Periodismo No. 2555, Jardines de Torremolinos. Morelia, Mich. México